About Me

Gavin Gamble is a 30 year old naturalist, blogger, wildlife campaigner, freelance writer, gardening enthusiast and student in ecology.

This is not Gavin’s first blog. In fact he used to write the second most popular pro-cycling blog in the UK but had to stop writing following a change in personal circumstance and subsequently lost the love of two wheels. Gavin has also written numerous articles for local Newspapers and Magazines.

Interested in wildlife, nature and the natural world since early childhood his efforts are now concentrated on gardening for wildlife, promoting the importance of bees and other pollinators in our continued existence on planet earth and campaigning on wildlife and conservation issues. His main aim is simple: reconnecting people to nature.

This blog, written from the dining room table of his humble rented home in South Leicestershire (to the annoyance of his wife) is his venting ground. A muddled collection of nature writing both personal and topical with the odd sideways step into the murky world of ecology, rural politics, tree hugging, conservation and climate change.