A Moment To Pause…

Solitude Calm Nature Sunset Peace Stillness

Writing is a peculiar thing; sometimes the words flow from within like the stream of frothy water tumbling relentlessly down a valley river after heavy rain, other times they desert us without warning, the mind barren as an arid desert. Often, as a writer, the mind is simply too full of preoccupation to equate words of any meaning from pen to paper. It’s at these times we often force the pen and when the ink is dry the words mean very little at all.

Despite the long summer days, time seems at a premium now more than ever, though I can’t quite fathom why; there just always seems to be something pressing to do. After much deliberation then, it is with regret that this blog, for now, will take a back seat. Between my endless quest to terminate my working life with the dreaded Civil Service, undertaking new duties as the borough Tree Warden and now my commitment to a Degree in science, there has been little time to get out into the edgeland, out into the field.

I would like to thank wholeheartedly every soul who’s eyes have to date met with this blog, even if just in passing. If a single person has taken something away from something I have written, then my aims have been achieved.

Having said that, I never say never. This is not goodbye; more a ‘see you soon’. Occasionally, but only when inspired, a new post will likely appear. Who knows? If time and imagination allow then perhaps that valley river will flow freely once more.

I will maintain the Edgeland Species List and the Garden Moth Species List, so as not to lose vital records of the local flora and fauna, so please feel free to check in and take a look every now and then.

I will still be ever-active on Twitter and you can always find regular updates about my naturalist activities on the Facebook Page.

Thanks for having me!




  1. Your blogs , writing and observations intrigue and fascinate me; encouraging me to observe my surroundings. Good luck for your future .


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