Coming Soon: Planting For Bees – £1.49 From Kindle


My new eBook Planting For BeesHow To Grow Ten Bombproof Plants for Bees and Other Pollinators will be available from the Amazon Kindle Store at the end of October. The book can be purchased for £1.49 with 10% of all profits going directly to Bee charities. I will be giving away some free copies for some lucky Tweeters and Competition winners in the weeks following too.

The book itself draws on my own gardening experience and my passion for wildlife to bring together a comprehensive, easy to follow guide to ten of the very best plants for attracting, feeding and sustaining Bees of all types. The book will provide guidance and tips on how to propagate, plant, grow and maintain all of the plants which have been specifically chosen to suit gardeners of all abilities and gardens of all shapes and sizes. When I say ‘Bombproof’ plants, I really mean it!

Bee populations are declining dramatically. Bees are not only magnificent, beautiful and alluring creatures, they are an essential ingredient in sustaining life on Earth. 84% of food crops that we rely on require pollination by Bees and other pollinating insects. Beyond the cost of their demise on our own lives, seeds, fruits and berries eaten by birds and small mammals are all from plants that are pollinated by Bees, making them guardians of the food chain and the biodiversity of our entire planet.

Help stop the decline. By buying and reading this book you will learn how to provide a habitat for Bees and watch the magic unfold in your own garden, helping your own local Bees to thrive. You will also be making a small contribution to the Bee charities who dedicate their time, money and energy ensuring that Bees are not only protected but once again thrive in our green and pleasant lands.


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