Wordless Wednesdays: Budding Photographers, Get Involved!


I am starting a new feature and joining the ‘Wordless Wednesday’ blog/twitter craze and I need all of you budding photographers to get involved! Here is the basic Idea:

I want you to submit (via twitter at @GJGamble) your best wildlife photographs each week. I will then choose the best 5 for display in my Wordless Wednesday blog post. The best photograph of the 5 will also be used as the ‘Feature Image’ for the blog post and will be the first thing anybody sees when they visit the blog.

If your photographs make it to the blog they will be accredited to you by name and a link to your twitter page (and website if you have one) will be provided where hopefully you will gain a larger audience and more twitter friends!

The very best photograph of all of those that make it to the blog over the year will be chosen at Christmas and there will be a small token prize!

Criteria for the photographs are as follows:

  • They must be UK flora and fauna related (Gardens, Plants, Wildlife, Scenery)
  • They must be local to you – ‘your patch’, unless you are on holiday or a wildlife trip.
  • They must be given a name – the more inventive the better!
  • You must state the location and time of day taken.

Get snapping!


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